I started running again after a few years of working behind a desk to start feeling healthy again. I ran winter and spring track in high school to freshman year in college so running wasn’t a forign concept to me.

My now wife signed us for for a 5k on October 10th 2013 and my god did those 3 miles hurt. After cheering for all the runners that were particiapting in the NYC Marathon I decided to sign up for my first Marathon on October, 1st 2016 in the Hamptons and it was painful.

Right after I recovered, I was hooked on the distance and signed up for more.

Here are just some of the tips that I learned along the way:

  • Try to start running before a 3-4 month marathon build up. It’ll make it much easier to start training if you have a solid base.
  • Pick a good training plan. Sage Running has been my go to.
  • Be consisent, you need to stick with your training plan to get the results.
  • Have 2-3 pairs of running shoes during a training cycle (3-4 months).
    • Size up 1/2 a size to avoid runners toes. Your feet swell when running. ** Add the shoes to your activity tracker so you know how many miles you have on them. ** Replace them after 150-250 miles to prevent injury.
  • Get a few great pairs of running socks. I personally love features socks. They are expensive but last years.
  • Seriously, cross-train and stretch to prevent injury and work out those muscles that will improve your running.

Race day tips:

  • Don’t over hydrate the night before, you’ll be flushing your body of all its nutrients.
  • Don’t eat a giant meal the night before, you’ll feel sluggish during the race. Rather eat more in the build up to the marathon.
  • Don’t try new things on marathon day! Really don’t wear that new shirt or pair of socks.
  • Enjoy yourself and trust in your training! Good job for getting out there day after day.